7 Garage Gifts to Make Dad Smile This Father's Day

Once a year, you have the chance to celebrate the special dads in your life, but finding the right gift all too often ends up a last-minute rush to snatch that “World’s Greatest Dad” mug from the shelves of your local drugstore.

If you want to show the special man in your life what he truly means to you, Father’s Day is the perfect time to do it, so put some thought into the gift you give. This year, avoid the clichés and make sure you get him something he really wants.

If he’s a car lover, you’re in luck, because there are gifts a-plenty that will make him forget you ever bought him socks, cuff links or a nose hair trimmer. Here are seven great Father’s Day gifts to make him appreciate this holiday in a whole new way.

Auto Detailing Kit

Is the dad in your life the kind of guy who insists on driving a spotless car? The one who puts plastic garbage bags on the passenger floor mats in the winter time so you don’t get the interior muddy? If so, he’ll appreciate a great car detailing kit.

One of the best on the market is Meguiar’s Complete Car Detailing Kit, which is a 12-piece car care kit that will have his car looking its absolute best. With everything he needs to make it shine from bumper to bumper, it includes car washing soap, liquid wax, tire gel, interior detailer, plastic cleaner and polish. To remove scratches and contaminants, there are clay bars, ScratchX 2.0 and Quik Detailer.

This kit will keep him cleaning, polishing and buffing for months, and if you want to make it extra special, volunteer to help.

Portable Jump Starter

If your dad is still using jumper cables, it’s time to bring him up to speed with a portable jump starter. While they used to be much too bulky and heavy to be carried around in a vehicle, the newest generation of jump starters are designed to be easy to carry and even easier to use. Jump starters come in a wide range of styles (and prices), so pick one that suits his car best. If he’s driving a sports car and is tight on space, look for one of the slim, lightweight chargers that can fit under the glove box; if he has more room in his vehicle, feel free to opt for a bigger jump starter with more robust features, such as power outlets.

Most models also come with a USB charger, so he can make sure both his phone and his car battery are fully charged.

Bluetooth Scan Tool and Code Reader

When your dad cares about his car, he wants to stay on top of maintenance, and the FIXD OBD2 Professional Bluetooth Scan Tool & Code Reader is just the thing he needs. When connected to an app (for either iPhone or Android), this reader will provide information on such things as why the check engine light is on and how severe the issue is. It will also send automatic reminders of scheduled maintenance needs and oil changes.

With multiple units, he can monitor all the cars in your family from his phone and make sure that problems are being taken care of before they get worse.

Portable Tire Compressor

Flat tires can ruin more than just your day; they can take out your rims and wreak havoc on your alignment, too. Since many new cars are now being sold without a spare tire, it’s important to make sure there’s some sort of backup plan in case of a flat tire. A portable air compressor for tires is an essential on the road, and just as with portable jump starters, they come in a wide variety of sizes and price points.

Look for one that will fit in his trunk since you want it to be small enough for him to keep with him. Even bare-bones models have a surprising amount of power, and if you’re looking simply for an emergency tire inflator, they’ll do the trick.

Of course, you can also get fancy if you’d like and get one with features such as a flashlight, backlit screen, auto shut-off (which can be particularly useful to prevent overfilling a tire and risking damage) and even additional nozzle attachments, which can be used for inflating pool rafts, sporting equipment and other household items.

Key Tracker

Do you have one of those dads who loves his car but can’t ever seem to find his keys? Problem solved. Tile Pro is a Bluetooth tracker that he can clip to his keychain and then use his smartphone to find his keys on those occasions when they’ve gone missing (again). There are other, less expensive versions that operate in a similar way, but Tile Pro has earned rave reviews because of its full year of battery life … and because its sound can be heard for up to 300 feet away.

And, in case he can find his keys but lost his phone, he can press the button on his keychain to make his phone ring.

Real Time Car Tracker & Alert System

Car alarms are great, but they depend on you being within hearing distance in order for them to be effective. The CarLock system takes a completely different approach; it uses a real-time tracking system to monitor a vehicle’s activity and will alert the user of suspicious activity. That means if the engine starts, the vehicle is moved or any unusual vibrations are taking place, the system will immediately send an alert to the owner’s phone. And it outsmarts the smartest thieves by also sending an alert if it’s been disconnected.

A Gift Certificate for Auto Maintenance

There’s never a “wrong” time to give the auto enthusiast in your life a gift certificate for vehicle maintenance or repair, and Father’s Day is the perfect time to spring for such a gift. Whether he needs a spring tune-up or has an air conditioning issue he wants to get fixed before summer really kicks in, a gift certificate for maintenance is a thoughtful (and much appreciated) gift. Let Rainbow Muffler & Brake provide you with a gift certificate that's always the right size and never goes out of style. Stop by our Broadway Avenue auto shop, or any of our six auto repair locations in Cleveland, Oh to pick yours up today!


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This Father’s Day, make dad’s day memorable in a great way with the right gift. He might be so impressed that he’ll let you take his prized set of wheels for a spin.