How to Budget for Car Maintenance

You’re going about your day when you see it: the check engine light. Your heart sinks as you wonder what big repair bill is waiting for you. 

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The Traction Control Light: What Does It Mean?

Your car has a computer that monitors and runs all of your vehicle’s components, ensuring that the parts are functioning properly. When something goes wrong, the computer will alert you via lights on...

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How to Get Auto Repair Financing For Car Repairs

Imagine this: You’re a 27-year-old assembler at a packaging plant here in Cleveland. You have a 3-year-old son. You and your ex-wife share custody of your child, but you are your son’s primary...

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How Financing Auto Repairs Can Save Your Holidays

Auto repairs are difficult to plan for and even harder to delay when something is wrong with your car. When your vehicle is out of service, everything gets complicated fast.

Are you strapped for cash...

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