Why Is My Car Shaking? The Top 7 Causes

Shaking is great for martinis, but not so much for cars.

When cars shake, it oftentimes begins subtly and then continues to get worse. At first, you might not notice it or you might think you can...

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Parts of Brakes Explained: Rotors, Pads, Calipers and More

Whoever said "stop stopping yourself" apparently wasn't behind the wheel of a 2-ton vehicle at the time. After all, when it comes to cars, being able to stop is just as important as being able to...

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The Best Brake Pads for Performance

For many drivers, brake pads are an afterthought. You generally don’t think about them until you need new ones, and then choosing the right brake pads for your vehicle and driving style can be...

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Brake Fluid Flush: Why Do I Need It and How Much Does it Cost?

Have you ever heard of a brake fluid flush? What is it? Do you really need one?

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What It Means When Your Brakes Are Grinding

Are your brakes making a loud grinding sound when you push down the pedal? If so, don’t ignore it. You should call your mechanic immediately and have your brakes inspected. Continuing to drive...

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Three Ways to Know It's Time for Brake Repair

Brakes are arguably the most important system on your car, but they're often the most overlooked until there is a real problem.

Keeping a well maintained vehicle helps extend the life of your car,...

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