How to Get Auto Repair Financing For Car Repairs

Imagine this: You’re a 27-year-old assembler at a packaging plant here in Cleveland. You have a 3-year-old son. You and your ex-wife share custody of your child, but you are your son’s primary provider. You have to have reliable transportation to your job, so you can make ends meet and provide for him. You hope to land a higher-paying job with more responsibilities, but your number-one priority is being there for your son, so you try to make sure you have a little free time to spend with him on the weekends.

One day, you notice your car making weird noises when you try to start it. After it dies briefly on the way to work the following day, you decide to bring it in to an auto repair shop. Suddenly, you’re hit with a $2,000 estimate for a repair. You can’t afford that! You need the car to get to work, but you don’t want to put in extra hours to pay for it since you want to spend time with your son. What do you do?

Situations like this happen every day. Fortunately, auto repair financing can help you get the repairs you need when you’re strapped for cash — or don’t want to have your cash tied up.

Reasons to Consider Auto Repair financing

Budgeting for auto repairs can be difficult on a fixed income. Even if you have a steady job, it can be challenging to make ends meet, let alone set aside savings for unexpected circumstances. If you do have the cash, you still might not want all of it to be tied up in your vehicle. Whatever your situation, auto repair financing could be your best solution. Here are a few situations when you should consider auto repair financing:

  • Your extended warranty ran out and doesn’t cover the repair.
  • You got in a car accident and excessive repairs are required.
  • There are substantial costs due to broken parts that must be replaced.
  • You have to drive to work every day and can’t afford a large auto repair bill right now.
  • You prefer payment plans to large lump sums.
  • You have major repairs but can’t afford purchasing a new or used vehicle.
  • You’re not sure where else to get a personal loan.
  • You simply need help with the cost of your vehicle repair.

Benefits of auto repair financing include being able to spread out your payments over 12 months. This can give you the time you need to pay it off. There’s often no credit needed, and most people are approved quickly. Whatever your situation, auto repair financing is definitely worth consideration.

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How Auto Repair financing Works

Applying for an auto repair financing can be conveniently completed on your computer or at the auto repair shop. Most options are a simple 1-2-3 process:

  1. Apply: You provide basic information to see if you qualify for auto repair financing.
  2. Approve: The financing company makes a quick decision on whether you’re approved.
  3. Repair: The auto repair shop accepts your auto repair financing, fixes your car and lets you drive away in a working vehicle while you conveniently manage payments according to your budget and timeline.

Bad credit? No credit? That’s okay! Many auto repair companies don’t pull from the main credit bureaus, giving more people the option to finance their auto repairs.

Financing Options at Rainbow Muffler & Brake

Rainbow Muffler & Brake offers financing for auto repairs. If you need repairs now but can’t pay until later, apply for financing through Snap Finance. You can pay over 12 months, and even no credit or bad credit is okay. Financing is available for services over $250 and up to $3,000. The application is simple, and you’ll know if you’re approved in less than a minute. Here’s what one reviewer had to say about Snap Finance:

"I work at a merchant store where we run multiple contracts from Snap Finance each day. I've run other 'no-credit-needed' contracts from other companies, and it's easy to say, Snap is by far the quickest, easiest process. Snap is a great company that I've seen firsthand really take care of its customers and merchants. I highly recommend this company."

If you’re strapped for cash, a costly auto repair may be the last thing you want, but there are ways to make it work with your budget. The most important thing is to get back on the road, so you can make it to your job, run errands and spend time with your family.

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