How to Know When Your Catalytic Converter Needs Repair

Air quality is a major concern for automakers and drivers alike, which is why a catalytic converter plays such an essential role in modern vehicles. This metal canister installed inside the exhaust...

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How to Find the Best Auto Repair Near Me

When it comes to auto repair, everyone wants the same thing — the best service for a fair price. Yet many customers are suspicious of auto repair shops, worried they might overpay for parts and...

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5 Key Symptoms of a Failing Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter is an important part of your car’s emission system.

The catalytic converter’s main job is to convert car exhaust's bad emissions and pollutants into compounds that won’t harm...

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The 7 Most Common Reasons Your Check Engine Light Turns On

Any time a warning light in your dashboard lights up, it grabs your immediate attention. While warning lights have been around for years, today they have become more sophisticated and there are more...

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Why is My Car Shaking? Top 7 Causes You Can't Ignore

Shaking is great for martinis, but not so much for cars.

When cars shake, it oftentimes begins subtly and then continues to get worse. At first, you might not notice it or you might think you can...

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What Your Check Engine Light Could be Telling You

Oh, no. It’s the dreaded check engine light — and it made an unexpected (and unwelcome) appearance on your dashboard this morning. What does it mean when an engine light comes on? How much is this...

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Why Is Your Car Stalling? Here Are 5 Reasons

When your car engine stalls, it means that your engine has died. While this can happen at any time, it’s most alarming if it happens while you’re driving. A car that stalls when it’s in motion puts...

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The Foolproof Guide on How to Jump Start a Car Battery

Chances are, you’ve experienced a dead car battery at least once in your life. And, if you haven’t had one yet, eventually you will.

Dead batteries often happen out of the blue. They can occur after...

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How to Keep Your Car Cool When It's Overheating

Few things are more alarming than seeing smoke or steam coming out from under the hood of your car while you’re driving down the road. When this happens, it’s a sure sign that your engine is...

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Sudden Squeaks When Your Car Turns? Here Are 7 Reasons Why

Old doors. Cabinets. Rocking chairs. Chew toys. Baby mice. What do all of these things have in common? They squeak. And when they do (as is the case with adolescent rodents), it can actually be...

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